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This listing is for 4 Sound Studios Studio A room. The studio is located catty-cornered from the Beverly Center. We're located in walking distance to posh 5 star restaurants and shopping. Located next door to the star studded Westlake studios. This is a premium location in Beverly Hills. Located on the 5th floor of 8455 Beverly blvd. Shared office space with legendary booking agents​,​ managers​,​ entrepreneurs​,​ multi-platinum producers​,​ marketing and A&Rs. Your music can easily be monetized once you're ready. Main control room and vocal booth is acoustically tuned and treated to capture the purest audio​,​ right at the source. Designed by George Augspurger. Whether you're a pop artist​,​ rock band​,​ hip​/​hop producer​,​ rapper​,​ singer​/​songwriter or just someone looking to make some noise​,​ we are ready for any of your production needs. Booth dimensions 8.5 ft wide by 11 ft Long See my other listings for other 4 Sound Studios rooms.

Minimum booking

4 hour minimum


Kitchen, Parking, Lounge

Main equipment

Pro Tools 10HD, 11HD, Avid HD I/O 16x16 interface, Dangerous Monitoring System with remote. Outboard: BA 1073 single mic pre, UA 1176 Mac Pro 12 core 16gb ram. Yamaha NS10s with Bryston amp, and 12in Tannoys, KRK sub. Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 10 Mic list: Neumann U87, Telefunken 51, AKG C414, , Avantone C12 Emulation tube mic, Manley Reference Cardioid. (Please let us know your mic preference before arrival.

Past clients

Atlantic, Republic, Universal, Warner Bros, Badboy

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