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Hear No Evil Studio

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Hear No Evil is an affordable professional recording studio centrally located in Orange near the 57 and 5 freeways. $250​/​6hr session​,​ $700​/​3x(6hr) sessions​,​ $1300​/​6x(6hr) sessions. Session pricing includes: Use of the studio​,​ engineer​,​ assistant engineer (if needed)​,​ use of instruments​,​ and media. The studio houses three recording environments: A 500sqft live room with 12' ceilings and two isolation booths​,​ Hear No Evil is equipped with Pro Tools 12HD​,​ top of the line analog preamps and microphones ​,​ Hear Technologies personal headphone mixers​,​ and a vast collection of high end guitars​,​ basses​,​ amplifiers​,​ and drums.

Main equipment

ProTools, Motu, API, Focusrite, Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, Audix, R

Past clients

Sixstep, Eric Henderson, Deutsche Grammophon/ Universal Music Company, Cityzen, Best Supporting Actress, Ehsan Aman, The Higgs, GrooveSession, The Divine, Sophia Rollando, Warren D, Marla Hooch, Despite Our Fears, Simpler Times, The Nite Howls, Toxic Shock, Church on the Street, The Gerald Davis Gospel Group, The Icicles, 21, The Royal Half Circle, War le Fay, Innerday Alarm, Counter Clockwise, Sterling Clan, Devils are Here, Red Undead, Atrix, Organ Freeman, The Moan, Razor's Edge, Mandie and Ruby, PWEST, Kingsnake, Empyrean Throne, God Bless Thee Mooseheart, Big Open Sky, Pickup & Run, 10Zero, Five South, Bob Young, The Slovene Society Polka Band, Evertheory, Mental Hygiene, Four Failed Abortions, Iris, APT18, Kingsnake, Lickitty Splitt, West Coast Fletch, Cletus, Susan Lachner, Rock Hard Blues Band, Will3P-0, Anthony Alverez, Rat Soup, Meagan Isabel, Mad Tab

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