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Located in the old Bud's Motors motorcycle shop on East Cesar Chavez St. in Austin​,​ TX. Cozy but capable studio for tracking​,​ mixing​,​ mastering​,​ podcast​/​radio production​,​ voiceover and ADR. Please message us for more info​,​ hourly minimums​,​ and for day rates.


Not in a house, close to downtown Austin, lounge and kitchenette, patio that abuts a great coffeeshop, restaurants and food trucks within walking distance

Main equipment

Otari MTR-10 four track 1/2" tape machine, Otari MX5050 8 track tape machine, Otari MTR10 1/4" 2 track machine, Imac with Pro Tools 10-11 and Logic 9-X, Yamaha MSP-7 monitors, Soundtracs PC Midi 24 channel console, Grommes 5ch tube mixer, 2x RCA BA31c preamps, Lindell 17xs FET comp, 2x Dynamite VCA comp, DBX 163x, Revive Audio modded 7720 stereo comp, stereo spring reverb, handmade condenser mics. Instruments: vintage Ludwig (70s) and Yamaha (80s) drumkits, Hammond m3 organ, various keyboards, various guitar amps and guitars, percussion stuff

Past clients

The Greyhounds, T Bird and the Breaks, Money Chicha, The Octopus Project, Daytrotter.com, Daniel Johnston, Brownout, and many more

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