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Sound Chalet

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Sound Chalet is a state of the art music production studio located in North Hollywood​,​ offering specialized services in songwriting and arrangement​,​ recording​,​ engineering​,​ editing​,​ mixing and mastering. We have a wide variety of gear​,​ including a customized console made to spec to emphasize a design that merges the speed of a digital workflow with the flavours of an analog desk. Each piece was carefully selected from our favourite brands such as SSL​,​ API and Rupert Neve Designs. All the cabling is custom Mogami and Canare provided by Westlake Pro. Both control and tracking rooms were designed to produce a very well balanced and controlled sound​,​ while being viby and inspiring. We would be honoured to learn about you and listen to your music. It is our hope that Sound Chalet would be a good fit for you.


Private Security Cameras, Lounge, Kitchen and Bathroom. Street Parking available.

Main equipment

Protools HD 12 Native, Mac Pro 12-Core, Avid HD i/o 16X16 Analog. Outboard Gear: Rupert Neve Designs (5059, MBP II, Channel Strip II), SSL (X-Rack EQs, G-Comp), API (2500, 512c), Crane Song Falcon, Grace (m201, m905), Tube Tech CL-1B, Manley Massive Passive. Microphones: Neumann (U87ai Stereo, M149), Royer R121 Stereo, Ribera R47. For a full list of gear please visit

Past clients

Megan Tibbits (Rising Star Semifinalist), Josiah Hawley (The Voice), Mykell Wilson, Joe Moralez

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