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Sunrise Sound

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**Engineer included in hourly rate ** Sunrise Sound is located in East Vancouver​,​ BC in the heart of the lively Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood. The space is a wonderfully bright place to work and has skylights​,​ wood floors​,​ and high ceilings. There are some great instruments and amps for your use​,​ including: - 1969 Slingerland drum kit - Mozart upright piano - Fender Rhodes - many acoustic guitars ('59 harmony​,​ Martin D28​,​ classicals​,​ ukuleles) - many electric guitars (american teles​,​ mexican strat​,​ and more) - Roland JC 120 - Fender Deluxe Hot Rod amp - '79 Traynor bass amp - Ampeg Micro-VR Bass head and cab - A huge collection of guitar pedals - A lot more Jordan Klassen is at your disposal to simply just run the machines and get great sounds​,​ or also help you creatively in more of a producer capacity. He's been recording music for 15 years and has his own artist project that he tours worldwide.


Control room, live room, isolation booth, all sound treated. Bathroom.

Main equipment

Universal Audio Apollo duo, Focal CMS50s, KRKs, Mac Mini w/ 2 drives, 3 x Seventh Circle mic pres, various mics (Rode K2, 2 x Rode NT2A, Royer 122, Sm7b, RE20, 2 x AKG 4050, 2 x Rode M5, many 57s)

Past clients

Dear Rouge, Twin Bandit, Jordan Klassen, The Tourist Company, Lydia Hol, Jaidene Veda, The Wild Romantics, Todd James

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    Jordan K

    Hello, I'm Jordan K.

    Artist, singer songwriter, engineer, producer, studio partner.

    Artist, singer songwriter, engineer, producer, studio partner.


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