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I am an independent engineer at ES Audio Studio in Glendale. I primarily work out of the studios smaller room​,​ Studio B​,​ which hosts an analog Tascam console​,​ and has an Avantone CV-12 (Red 12) with vintage tubes. The room has an incredible vibe and sounds great due to its analog gear and console. It has enough room for a full entourage and works perfectly for vocals​,​ individual instruments - or both​,​ post-production and production. I work with a lot of Hip-hop artists and also manage a few of my own "developmental artists" that work in Pop and Dance music genres; but this doesn't limit my ability as I never refuse to work with artists in any genre. Please send me a message for more info​,​ hour minimums​,​ and day rates.


wifi, snacks, beverages and great people

Main equipment

analog console, CV-12 Microphone (vintage tubes), outboard compressors, Sony C-800 G

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