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Golden Retriever Recording Studio

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Golden Retriever is a world- class​,​ light-filled recording and mixing studio located right on the border of Kreuzberg and Neukölln​,​ Berlin’s 2 most lively neighbourhoods. Whether you are a local looking for convenience​,​ or a traveller looking for a special experience​,​ Golden Retriever’s combination of excellent​,​ well- maintained vintage and modern equipment and a beautiful​,​ inspiring creative space will not disappoint. The studio has a unique collection of classic American tube and solid state gear from the 50s​,​ 60s​,​ 70s and 80s​,​ coupled with the convenience of recording digitally to Protools HD. We believe in keeping the studio affordable and accessible to both the local​,​ independent recording community and major label international acts alike​,​ both of whom have called Golden Retriever home in our first 3 years here. Essentially everybody gets a good price and everybody pays the same. We have several very experienced engineers in house or you are welcome to bring your own. Please message us for more info​,​ hourly minimums​,​ and for day rates.


Full Bathroom and Kitchen amenities

Main equipment

Neve, Quad Eight, Neumann, UREI, Neotek, Thermionic, Electrodyne, Protools

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