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Nomad Studio

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Recording, Mixing

Main equipment

Trident Series 75, Motu HD192, Mac Pro 2X 2,8 Ghz, MSR16 Tascam Tape Recorder, KRK VXT8, TL Audio Dual Valve Preamp Compressor, 2 X Distressor Empirical Labs, Urei Little Dipper 565, 4 X Kepex Valley People, H3000 D/SE Eventide, PCM 70 Lexicon, 2 X LXP 5 Lexicon, Maxim Delay Vesta, OP-1 Teenage Engineering, SX240 Kawai, AKAI S6000, JX3P Roland, 3 Band Parametric Pre-Amp Carl Martin, 2 X 414 AKG, Telefunken, 2 X M5 Rode, SM57 Shure and more

Past clients

producted/mixed/remixed: Casino Royale, Almamegretta and Horace Andy, Bluebeaters, Suz, Soulful Orchestra, Dj Pandaj, Dj Gruff, Frankie Hi-nrg MC, L'Aura, Ghemon, Jumpin' Quails, Cletus, Paolo Spaccamonti, Deian e L'Orsoglabro...

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