The Studio @ eTown Hall: Boulder, CO
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The Studio @ eTown Hall: Boulder​,​ CO

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ROOM SPECIFICATIONS RECORDERS Pro Tools HD Native 10.3 with 48 channels of I​/​O via Avid HD I​/​O interfaces CONSOLE Avid D-Command control surface MONITORING ATC SC25A and NHT M-20 PREAMPS 1x BAE 1073MP (2 channels) 1x API 3124 (4 channels) 1x Chandler TG2 (2 channels) 2x Grace M801 (8 channels each) 1x Millennia (8 channels) 1x ATI 8MX2 (8 channels) OUTBOARD COMPRESSION 1x API 2500 stereo bus compressor 2x Empirical labs EL8 Distressors with brit mod and stereo linking capabilities 2x Rupert Neve Designs 5043 Dual Mono​/​Stereo Compressors 1x Retro Sta Level OUTBOARD EQ 1x API 5500 stereo eq 2x API 560 2x Great River Harrison 32 2x Kush Audio Electra SUMMING Rupert Neve Designs 5059 Satellite MICS Dynamic: 1x Audix D6 1x EV RE-320 2x Beyer M88 1x Beyer M201 2x Sennheiser 421 1x Sennheiser 906 Ribbons: 2x Coles 4038 1x Royer 121 1x Beyer M160 Condensers: 1x U87 AI 2x Gefell M300 2x Shure KSM32 2x Audix SCX-25a Tube: 1x Wunder CM7-GTS w​/​M7 capsule BABY GRAND PIANO 1x Kawai Baby Grand (*Requires advance notice for moving and tuning) * Partial listing of gear. Any gear available with advanced notice. Please message us for more info​,​ hourly minimum​,​ and day rates.


Main tracking room, huge iso booth, tied to three post production suites w/ additional iso booths. Huge kitchen. Also wired to live Hall for larger tracking sessions, big rom sound, etc.

Main equipment

ProTools, DSD recording SONOMA, tape available.

Past clients

Some of the biggest names in music, but we keep that confidential.

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