Pentavarit Studios in Berry Hill
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Pentavarit Studios in Berry Hill

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Pentavarit is a five-studio recording complex in Berry Hill. We pride ourselves on being comfortable like a home s studio​,​ but as capable as any great commercial studio. The main studio features a vintage SSL 6000E​/​G console with Atomic Instrument power supply​,​ Pro Tools HD|Native with 64 A​/​D​/​D​/​A via Lynx Auroras​,​ a large selection of vintage and modern outboard gear​,​ great mic locker with many of your favorite tried and true classics​,​ and TONS of instruments - 5 drum kits​,​ 6 snares​,​ loads of cymbals​,​ about 15 guitars​,​ 8 amps​,​ piano​,​ Rhodes​,​ wurli​,​ a bunch of classic synths - it is a record making dream land. Perfect for tracking​,​ mixing​,​ and overdubs.

Main equipment

SSL 6000E/G console, vintage Neumann, Coles pair, Daking pair, 1176 pair, Ampex, Altec, EMI RS124 pair, Distressor pair, 64 I/O Pro Tools HD|Native, vintage Ludwig and Slingerland, newer Gretsch and C&C, Gibson, Fender, Silvertone, Analog Outfitters, Rhodes, Wurlitzer

Past clients

Drake White, Meghan Linsey, Andrew Belle, Emblem3, Isaac Hayden, Sam and Ruby, INTL, Rae Hering, Sean McConnell, Marc Scibilia, Milktooth, The Daybreaks

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