The Treehouse (Studio Mont-Rolland)
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The Treehouse (Studio Mont-Rolland)

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Awesome Top of the line studio in the heart of nature. You'll be surrounded by trees and animals. Perfect vibe for creating and recording. Professional acoustic treatment and room tuning . Drums​,​ guitars​,​ amps​,​ piano and wurli available for your needs.


Ski resort, cafés, pub, resto, golf course, ski and bike path. Lodging available (Xtra fees)

Main equipment

CONSOLE -SSL Matrix2 RECORDER -Avid Protools HDX -Avid 48x48 analog -Burl Bomber ADC-2 -Otari MX 5050 ½” 8 tracks SOFTWARE -Protools 11-12 -Waves -Soundtoys -Mcdsp -AudioEase -Valhalla -Plugin-Alliance -Native Instruments -Others MONITORING -Barefoot MM27 g2 -Yamaha NS-10 -Avantone Active Mixcubes -Furman HRM-16 monitoring station (8) -Furman HDS-16 (masterunit) -Beyer Dynamic DT 700 -Sony MDR 7506 -Sennheiser HD 650 MIC PRES -A-Design Pacifica -AMS-Neve 1073LB (4) -AMS-Neve 3115 (2) -API 3124+ -API 512c (2) -Cartec Pre-Q5 (2) -Chandler TG-2 -Electrodyne 501 (4) -Tube-Tech MP1A -Vintech X73 (2) -Undertone AudioMEPQ-1 (2) OUTBOARD -AMS Neve 33609JD -API 560 (2) -API 527 -API 525 -API 2500 -Crane Song Falcon (2) -DBX 160XT -Electrodyne 511 (2) -Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X (2) -Maag Q4 (2) -Manley Massive Passive -Manley Vari MuStepped -Mohog Mofet 76 (2) -Pendulum Audio OCL-2 -Pulse Techniqueeqp-1a3 (2) -Retro Instruments 176 -Retro InstrumentsSta-Lavel -Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph -SSL Dyn 611 (2) -Universal Audio LA2-a -Radial X-amp 500 -Radial Extc 500 (2) -Radial Phase Q 500 (2) EFX -Eventide H3000 -Full Tone Tape Echo(2) -Korg SDD 3000 -Korg SDD 2000 -Lexicon Jamman -LexiconPCM90 -Moog analog delay 500 -Roland Space Echo -TC Electronics 2290 -TC Electronics 1210 MICS -Advanced Audio CM12 -AEA R88mk2 -AEA R-44CNE (2) -AEA R84 (2) -AKG C-414 XLS (2) -AKG C-414 EB -AKG D112 -AKG the tube -Audix i5 -Audio-Technica at8801 -Audio-Technica ATM25 -Audio-Technica at4041 (2) -Audio-Tecnica AT822 -Beyer Dynamic M160 -Copperphone -DBX measurement mic -Flea U47 -Flea C12 -Geffel UM-900 -Kel HM-1 (2) -Neumann KM184 (2) -Neumann TLM103 -Oktava ML-52-02 (2) -Sennheiser MD-421 u5 (2) -Sennheiser MD-906 (2) -Shure SM57 (6) -Shure Beta 52 -Sennheiser MD211u -Soundelux Ifet7

Past clients

La Voix - Les Dieux de la Danse

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