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Miami's only podcast studio designed for your voice that uses 4k video and HD streaming to produce vlogs, insert videos for news broadcasts, and high-quality remote video conferencing. We're available on short notice and open daily from 9 am-6 pm, so please message us for availability. We can record your podcast and turn it into a stream live onto social media for Clubhouse, TwitterSpaces, record a video podcast and edit it for YouTube or Spotify, and record your guests from around the world. Our unique remote video setup lets you take your eyes off the laptop and keep them facing the camera while looking at your guest. The first hour costs $125 with each additional hour costing $99. We offer quarterly contracts with reduced pricing for regular podcasters, block users, or high-volume podcasters. All recordings are on-demand unless otherwise stated, which means that if a recording goes more than 5 minutes beyond its scheduled time, it costs $50 per half-hour segment. A two-hour minimum may apply to night and weekend recordings.... Show more

Included & additional services

Other Production Services

This studio offers other production services that you can add to your studio booking.

Details to keep in mind

Minimum booking:
1 hour
Max studio occupancy:
5 people
Studio hours:
Always available 24/7
Accepts bookings:
Within hours accepted
Day rate discount:
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Our facility offers a high-security professional podcast recording environment that can accommodate talent of any size following.... Show more

Main equipment

Our studio offers the choice of ElectroVoice dynamic vocal microphones or Zoom dynamic vocal mics, as well as an Audix omnidirectional condenser mic deployed as a boom mic and a multi-track Zoom Podtrak board with Bluetooth adapter to bring sound in from any device wirelessly. We use a Sony ZV-1 4k vlogging camera primarily for non-linear recording, and a Lumix v770 1080HD camera for Zoom calls, streaming, or non-linear recording. We provide a MacBook Pro laptop with an external screen to manage remote calls from Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Squadcast, Source Connect,, or any other web-based platform. In addition, we provide all manner of tripods and stands to allow podcasters to add additional cameras with their cellular devices or to even record from Facetime on their phone.... Show more

Past clients

BBC, Barstool Sports, Jillian Michaels, Only in Dade.... Show more

Studio rules

No smoking or vaping in the studio. Drinks must be handled appropriately as guests will pay for any equipment damage caused by spills. All guests must wear a mask in the common areas of the facility.... Show more

Cancellation Policy

Bookings are considered firm and must be paid in full unless canceled 24 hours in advance. All deposits are considered final payments.... Show more

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