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Tiny Thunder Audio is the embodiment of the modern recording studio. We pride ourselves in offering our clients a no-nonsense approach to making a record by eliminating much of the overhead that traditionally raises the cost of studio time (high rent, over-the-top equipment that won’t be used on most projects and the maintenance fees that go with them). Instead, we loaded our space with a combination of analog and digital equipment. We have done this with one purpose in mind: to give you all the necessary tools to make a great-sounding record that won’t need to be financed by a bank! From tube microphones to MIDI and digital effects, every piece of equipment has been carefully selected to be an integral part of our setup, and even better, all of it is at your disposal at no extra cost. Though our work spans all genres, we have a soft spot for Rock n’ Roll, so we have put together an incredible selection of guitars, pedals and amplifiers. For you, this means that the days of hauling that big Marshall stack are over! All you need to do is show up and plug in. Why? We believe that working in a studio should be an easy and stress-free experience that will allow you to unleash your creative potential into the thing that you (and we) value the most: your music. SERVICES: Recording: Create great sounding recordings using the most sought after recording equipment. Give your project a unique analog feel by using our vintage console, mic preamps and extensive microphone collection. From pre-production to final tracking, we’ll make sure that you’re covered. Mixing: At Tiny Thunder Audio we pride ourselves in our mixing capabilities. The core of our sound comes from our vintage Neotek Elán Console loaded with an API 1604 master section. Run your tracks through our high end converters, compressors and equalizers to make your music sound big and warm! Stem Mixing/Remote Mixing: Mixing from home? No problem! Send us your tracks and we’ll run all your stems through our equipment to add extra headroom, space and stereo separation. This is a great alternative if you are on a budget or if you don’t have access to a professional facility. Guitar & Bass Re-Amping: If you are tracking your guitars or bass at home, we can help you explore different tonal options. Send us your clean or DI parts and we’ll run them through our wide collection of guitar and bass amplifiers. Please send us a message for more info, hour minimums, and day rates.... Show more

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Session Audio Engineer

This studio requires and includes an in-house Engineer in each booking.

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http://www.tinythunderaudio.com/gear/... Show more

Past clients

James Atkin (EMF) Sean C & LV Jahdan Blakkamoore, Manicure, Toy Cities, Emerson Young, Malachi Rivers, Buraka Som Sistema, Marion Corrales, etc.... Show more

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    Professional engineer specialized in the following areas: Online Mixing Online Mastering Studio Design. Former clients include: James Atkin (EMF) Sean C & LV,…

    Professional engineer specialized in the following areas: Online Mixing Online Mastering Studio Design. Former clients include: James Atkin (EMF) Sean C & LV,…


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